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As a couple born & raised in Wisconsin, we have always had the abilty to find and eat quality meat. We did however spend time searching the market for high quality  shrimp & sea food. After many trips to Florida, we met a small family business ;who were selling all natual  shrimp & seafood imported from locations around the world. Both our small families got to talking and ;We are happy to have teamed up with them to bring you the GREATEST shrimp & sea food you will ever taste right here in Wisconsin and the Midwest!  We strive on supplying our customers with the BEST personal service in the industry. We will be out at many farm markets around the Midwest to expose our "Awesome shrimp" to as many people as we can. Check  our website for a  growing list of retail outlets  that carry our products . We also will list small bars and resturants that serve our   product already prepared . Always ask for "Awesome Shrimp " life is too short to eat bad seafood. 



Our Product

This is a  all Natural devained Red Royal Colossal Shrimp .They come Frozen EZ peel  or Breaded . The  shrimp size is considered U-15. They are FDA approved. The Shrimp needs to be kept  Frozen until time of cooking : once  thawed  the shrimp  can not be refrozen. The  Shrimp are a product of the Argentina waters . Comes in  2lb bags and have a freezer  life of 2yrs .

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Shipping "Awesome Shrimp

Shipping "Awesome Shrimp

Shipping "Awesome Shrimp


If you are looking to have  "Awesome Shrimp Shipped anywhere in Wisconsin or in the United States -please call our Retail outlet 

"Wilson Farm Meats " 



Shipping "Awesome Shrimp

Shipping "Awesome Shrimp


Print out this coupon and take it to one of our retail outlets purchase  2 bags of our Red royal Awesome shrimp and get a reusable freezer bag FREE !!! 

Events for April 2020

Shipping "Awesome Shrimp

Fundraisers for your organization


We will be at Carries West side Bar Parking lot outside - Drive by only  selling shrimp - $6 per bag will go the bartender's to help them out during these uncertain times 

 10am to 5pm 

"Come out and see the Shrimp pimps "


Fundraisers for your organization

Fundraisers for your organization

Fundraisers for your organization



Fundraising opportunity 

Just in time for Lent and Valentines day                   

Is your church or organization looking for an

Awesome fundraiser?

Awesome Shrimp is the answer!

Awesome Shrimp & Seafood Inc has a fun & profitable program to help you raise money for your cause.

Our shrimp is “colossal” and the “best tasting” shrimp on the market. It is easy and fun to sell! Awesome Shrimp & Seafood will teach your group all the things to know about our shrimp along with giving you all material needed to make your fundraiser a success! We are locally owned and strive on service. We will be with you through the entire process. We make it very simple. Your group takes the orders and we deliver & help distribute our “high quality” shrimp to your location. Your organization makes up to 20% profits for doing very little work.

“Awesome Shrimp is delicious & fun to eat!”

Contact Awesome Shrimp & Seafood Inc. to go over all the “easy” details on how our program works. Call today, get selling & make money tomorrow! 

ron@awesomeshrimp. com / 414.640.6125 cell#

Retail outlets for Awesome Shrimp

Fundraisers for your organization

Retail outlets for Awesome Shrimp


Colossal Shrimp Now avaliable at Meat Markets from around the Area ..So if you cannot get to us at an event, they are avaliable at these local retail Market

   Wonderland  Tap PUB 

W233N536 Redford Blvd, Hwy F Under the Bluemond Bridge, Waukesha, WI 53186

 (262) 547-6788


Wilson Farm Meat:


406 S Wisconsin St, Elkhorn, WI 53121

Johnson Sausage shoppe meat Market and Catering 


 416 State Road 16, Rio, WI 53960


Pernat's Meat Market


312 Milwaukee St, Johnson Creek, WI 53038

Pernats of Ixonia


W1194 Marietta Ave, Ixonia, WI 53036

Eden Meat Market 


115 E Main St, Eden, WI 53019


The  Meat Block BBQ pits and spits 


N1739 Lily of the valley drive 

Greenville WI 54942 

website : 

Pats Country Market

1846  Scranton St  

Whitehall ,WI 54773 


Sailer's Food Market & Meat Processing


 600 W Winter Ave, Elmwood, WI 54740

(715) 639-2191

West Allis Meat And Cheese

 6832 W Becher St, West Allis, WI 53219


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Awesomeshrimp and Seafood inc

contact us at either or (414) 640-6125